Summer 2017 events

140219 gowild green2

The meeting point for events is the gate at the junction of Glebe Avenue and Austin’s Lane in Ickenham.

Scything on the Marsh, 10.30am – 1pm, Saturday 16 September

Come along and enjoy the art of cutting grass by hand, or just enjoy watching scythe mowing in action. We’ll be cutting some sections of the Nature Reserve at the bottom of the Austin’s Lane track.


Balsam Bashing, 3-4.30 Sunday 11 June

Come and help us exterminate invasive Himalayan Balsam. All ages welcome. Please wear sensible footwear, gloves and long sleeves. Balsam is harmless to us, but out competes local species and damages riverbanks.

Path clearing and litter picking, 3-4.30, Saturday 11 March

Mercifully Hill Farm Rd vegetation has been cut back already (by the base -we think), so we’ll be mostly be picking up litter, but do bring some secateurs if you have them. Glves and sturdy footwear required.


Go Wild design reproduced with kind permission of Black Rabbit Creations.



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